A multi-source project -

The Poseidon pipeline, the offshore section of the Interconnector Turkey-Greece-Italy (ITGI), is designed as a multi-source import project that could substantially contribute to Europe’s security of supply through diversification of sources and/or routes.

The project is currently designed to transport up to 12 Bcm/y (billion cubic metres of natural gas per year) from potential sources expected to be available at Greek borders. 


The route +

The Poseidon Pipeline’s current design envisages a 207 km long offshore pipeline of a 32-in diameter.

The pipeline’s starting point is the compressor station, located in the area of Florovouni in Thesprotia (Epirus region) where it is expected to be connected to other gas supply infrastructures such as EastMed and/or IGI Onshore.

From the compressor station, the pipeline will continue to the Greek landfall from where it will cross the Greek shelf, descend the slope into the north Ionian Basin, ascend the Italian slope and finally reach the Italian landfall, east of Otranto.

The pipeline will then continue up to the metering station within the boundaries of the municipality of Otranto where it will be connected to the Italian national gas transmission system.

European status +

The development of ITGI – Poseidon project is covered by an Intergovernmental Agreement between Greece and Italy, ratified by the relevant Parliaments.

In 2015, as a result of the project contribution to European targets, the Poseidon pipeline has been confirmed as a Project of Common Interest (PCI), being included by the EU Commission in the second PCI list among the Southern Gas Corridor projects.

The Poseidon pipeline has also been included in the last Ten Years Development Plan (TYNDP), in line with the objective of the European Network Transportation System Operators of Gas (ENTSOG) to create a single European market for gas and a reliable and safe transmission network capable of meeting Europe's current and future needs.

The Poseidon pipeline has benefited from European grants of approx. 9 million euro through the European Economic Recovery Plan (EERP) and the Trans-European Networks Energy (TEN-E) programs.   

Development status +

Poseidon pipeline is a mature project having completed all technical activities, obtained all required construction permits for the Italian section and  being significantly advanced in the finalization of permitting procedure in Greece.